Thanks Britt, Mariska & Arnika

Thank you so much photographers for your lovely assignments.
Dank je wel Britt, Mariska en Arnika, voor jullie leuke, inspirerende en uitdagende opdrachten.


Assignment 5: Telling Stories

Here you find the last assignment of the Pure Photo Workshop. This week Carolyn Parker wanted to put the assignment together for you, but unfortunately she has too many commitments to be able to fulfill them all. So this week I made the assignment with an assignment in my mind that Carolyn gave me (and others) 3 years ago at a similar online workshop.
Please post the photos of this assignment on your blog on June 8th and give the other participants feedback on their photos.
Have fun!

Assignment 5: Telling Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words
For the last week of the Pure Photo Workshop I want you to make a series of photographs that are intended to tell a story or evoke a series of emotions in the viewer.  

You can take a look at magazines, children’s books (prentenboek), the newspaper, comics, the Telling Stories pinboard or anything else that may inspire you.
Choose a theme and make a plan or choose to take spontaneous photos to form your story.
A story can exist of an introduction, a plot and a conclusion.
When planning your story you can think of the following points: Find a subject of your story and a setting. Create your shot list(opening, close up, wide angle, action, closing etc.). Get to know your subject (find information, look, explore etc.). Take the shots. Edith your story with your theme in mind.
Click here to go to the Telling Stories pinboard
Here you can find some examples (but this is not necessarily the way you should tell your story): story 1, story 2, story 3, story 4, story 5, story 6.

Make a story that exists of 2 till 6 photos. If you like you can also tell us a little about the story – or just let the pictures speak for themselves. The story can be obvious to everyone that sees the photos or leave people guessing what happened.
Try to make the photos in your style, take the point of view in consideration, maybe add motion or water in the story, make use of framing or other things you learned the past weeks.
Be creative: add words on the photos if that helps, use a collage if that works, use symbols in your photos if you like that, add humour if that fits, anything that will make your story wonderful.
I can’t wait to see your stories. Have fun!

Thanks for following this workshop, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It has been so wonderful seeing your work.
Some people asked me if I will organize a workshop again. I’m not planning to, but if one of you want to organize a photo workshop and want to use this blog, be welcome to do so. You can email me at contact (@) puurfamilie (.) nl

Love Jane.