I'm organizing a photography workshop, consisting of five photo assignments. We're starting May 5th and there'll be one assignment each week. If you want join, please leave a comment on this blog before May 4th(there will be no entries after this date). We have a maximum of 30 participants and there is no charge.

Every Sunday you get an assignment, which you post on your blog the following Saturday. You visit all the other blogs and leave some feedback on the other participants' work.

You get your assignments from 5 fantastic photographers: Carolyn Parker, Mariska de Groot, Arnika Smit,....

What to expect:
* 5 exiting assignments with some information about photography
* 5 weeks of photo fun
* working on your photo skills
* new blogfriends

What do you need:
* a digital camera and a blog
* time
* a love of making photos (no need to be an accomplished  
* to enjoy giving and getting feedback

1. The 1st assignment will be posted on this blog on May 5th.
   On May 11th you post the photos you've made on your
   blog and give the other participants feedback.

2. The 2nd assignment will be posted May 12th.
   May 18th you post your photos and give feedback.

3. The 3rd assignment will be posted May 19th.
   May 25th you post your photos and give feedback.

4. The 4th assignment will be posted May 26th.
   June 1st you post your photos and give feedback.

5. The 5th assignment will be posted June 2nd.
   June 8th you post the photos and give feedback.

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  1. I'd love to join...thanks for asking!