Britt Straatemeier

The first assignment of the Pure Photo Workshop will be posted on this blog at the May 5th. Britt from Britt Straatemeier Photography will surprise us with a wonderful and inspiring assignment.
Britt Straatemeier graduated at the St Joost Academy in Breda (NL) in 1996, after which she has been working as a freelance photographer. She started her career exhibiting her work and doing lots of projects with other artists. After two years she started doing commissioned work for businesses like Telfort, ING, WorldCom etc. Followed by working for magazines like MarieClaire, Cosmopolitan, Margriet, Groter Groeien, OOK, Jij en je Kinderen, Kekmama etc.

A very busy mom of three boys and always full of ideas.

Elle van Rijn & Kaja Wolffers - Kek Mama

Visit her website for more beautiful and powerful photos: Britt Straatemeier Photography

If you want join the Pure Photo Workshop, please leave a comment at the first post of this blog before May 4th (there will be no entries after this date). We have a maximum of 30 participants and there is no charge.

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