Assignment 1: Create your own style

Welcome at the first assignment of the Pure Photo Workshop. This week Britt Straatemeier will inspire us with an assignment that can be continued throughout the whole workshop.
Please post the photo(s) of your first assignment on your blog on May 11th and give the other participants feedback on their photo(s). It would be great if you give an introduction of yourself in the first post (your name, your camera, your experience level etc.).
Have fun!

Assignment 1

Create your own style:

Create your own “My Style pinboard” on Pinterest (or create your own mood board in another way). Pin all the things that give you a warm feeling. Flowers/colors/hairstyles/beaches/houses everything you think is beautiful. For example the “My Style pinboard” I created on Pinterest  
click here to go to the MY STYLE pinboard of Britt 
I’m using Pinterest for a couple of years now and when you scroll down the My Style board you can see that you find the same mood all over. Sometimes you can be distracted by magazines or the latest fashion, but for me it’s important to have my own style. This style can be used in everything, decorating your house, fashion and of course also your style of photography.
If your My Style board is finished (for this moment because you can continue it forever) I want you to have a good look at it and discover your own style.

Now I want you to make a photo in your style. I don’t care what kind of equipment you use, this can also be your mobile phone or maybe you want to create your own pinhole camera (you can find different ways how you make a pinhole camera on the internet, but it will take a long time and you probably have too little time in this assignment but if you do have some time TRY IT!).

When you've finished the photo(s) I want you to have the feeling 'this is me'.
It doesn't matter if it is a self portrait, some flowers, the sky, a color, kids etc.
For example I found this picture, although I didn’t take it myself, I really got the feeling ‘this is me’!
When you know who you are and what your style is you can use this in every creative process.

So have fun and lots of success in finding who you are and creating your own style!

Love Britt
Please post an introduction about yourself, your pinboard link and the photo(s) in your style on May 11th and give feedback to the other participants on their post.
Next assignment will be posted at May 12th.


  1. Inspiring - leaving lots of room to search and find and ponder! So just to clarify, the 'my style' part of the assignment isn't necessarily your own photography, right? More of a collage of found images? I love your pinterest board - soft, natural, feminine :)

  2. The pinboard can be composed by pins found on Pinterest or pins you add yourself, it isn't nessesary to put your own photos on that board. (part two) In the style of your pinboard you make photos that will fit in the My Style pinboard. I hope this helps :).

    1. Thank you Jane :) I'm not on pinterest, but will find a way :)

  3. Thank you so much for this first assigment! It gives me (and others) the opportunity to find out who you are!
    I will do my best....


  4. This is a really great assignment. I don't know my style but I know what I like when I see it :) Exciting!

  5. Great assignment, the pinboard on Pinterest really helps you 'to see' what you're style is!

  6. Very cool assignment! If you like, feel free to take a look at my pinboards (I'm the photographer that wrote the 2nd assignment :-) )

  7. Thanks for the assignment Britt! I really loved making the time to pin my stuff on my board. I used mostly my own pictures, so that was super fun to find and re-make!