Assignment 4: Learning to Watch

Here you find the fourth assignment of the Pure Photo Workshop. This week Arnika Smit will challenge us.
Please post the photos of this assignment on your blog on June 1th and give the other participants feedback on their photos.
Have fun!

The fourth assignment: Learning to watch

The assignment I want to give you is for you to learn how to watch, how to frame.

I'm giving you a few different tasks that you can work with. The tasks will give you the opportunity to search for a suitable photo.
You can arrange a setting that creates a beautiful photo, or you can of course stumble upon a suitable setting.

I want to ask you to make a photo that mostly contains the colour blue. Let your imagination run freely. Look around you.
Repeating patterns are fun to shoot. For instance, you can think of a flat, pavement tiles, or a row of crayons.
The fun thing is to first think of it, and then try how it works out, for as long as it is necessary for you to end up with the photo you want.
Shoot a detail, a little part of a bigger something. For example a car tyre or a hand. The framing part is very important. What could be a pretty piece to show on your photo, without losing the beautiful frame?

Every photo tells its own story. Some photos can make you happy, but sometimes of course some of them also can make you sad.
I often try to make a photo where you can almost feel the emotions yourself through the image.
Make a photo in which you can see emotions reflect. It doesn't have to be a photo of a person. Sometimes it's actually more powerful to shoot something that only represents the emotions. Please let us know why this photo is emotional for you.
I hope you like this assignment.
Enjoy it!



  1. Joepie Arnika.....wat een leuke opdracht.
    Kijk naar buiten en denk:'Welk blauw?'
    Moet wederom het blauw in mijzelf aanboren geloof ik.
    Dag! Madelief.

  2. haha, maar vandaag zag ik heel veel blauw!!! wat een heerlijk zonnetje, dat geeft gelijk weer energie voor deze leuke opdracht...ik ga mijn best doen (alhoewel ik vandaag geen foto's maakte met blauw)

  3. hahaha, dat zijn 6 opdrachten in 1 opdracht, ik ga mijn best doen!